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Post  James on 2011-10-07, 4:51 pm

In order to join our clan you don't need to meet to many requirements, but there still are some. Good luck applying, please follow the format below as well. Just create a new topic in this forum with your name as the Title of the Topic.


  • Be registered on the forums.


--[color=blue]Steam Information[/color]
[b]Steam Name[/b]:
[b]Steam ID[/b]:
[b]Steam Profile (URL)[/b]:

[b]Why do you think you should be a clan member?[/b]:

[b]Are you a passive roleplayer?[/b]:

--Steam Information
Steam Name: This is the name used for steam, which is changeable in the settings area for steam.
Steam ID: Find this by going into a server and typing "status" in console.
Steam Profile (URL): This is the page URL to your steam profile.

Why do you think you should be a clan member?: Explain why your interested in this clan and why you want to become a clan member of this clan.

Are you a passive roleplayer?: You can talk about how passive you roleplay. Maybe you are a good roleplayer but you like to administrate servers instead as like an admin.

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