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The Metropolice Force
The Metropolice Force patrol's the city, making sure all citizen's are acting civilized. Most uncivil citizens will be punished, anywhere from a small stun-stick beating to a permanent kill. The combine look for suspicion in people a lot, to determinate if they are with the resistance. Most higher ranked combine units have no heart, they can't feel the pain they do to you. Although recruits can, since they are still human and know what it is like to be beat.

List of Contraband
Any Ammunition (.357 Magnum Bullets, 9mm Pistol Bullets, Crossbow Bolts, MP7 Grenade, Pulse-Rifle Energy, Pulse-Rifle Orb, RPG Missile, SMG Bullets, Shotgun Shells)
Uncivil Clothing (Medic Uniform, Resistance Uniform)
Grenades (Flash, Grenade, Smoke)
Alcohol (Beer, Whiskey)
Consumables (Bleach, Chinese Takeout, Large Soda, Melon, Bottled Water, Milk Carton, Milk Jugs, Vegetable Oil)
Other (Breach, Zip Tie)
Firearms (.357 Magnum, 9mm Pistol, Crossbow, MP7, Pulse-Rifle, RPG, Shotgun)
Literature (A Blood Stained Journal, Antlion Anatomy, Barnacle Anatomy, Escape Plan, Fast Headcrab Anatomy, Headcrab Anatomy, Nova Prospekt Codes, Poison Headcrab Anatomy, The Cat Strangler, The F. Word, Vortigaunt Anatomy)
Medical (Antidepressants, Paracetamol, Steroids)
Reusables (Spray Can)
Communication (Handheld Radio, Stationary Radio)

Metropolice Force Ranks
SeC (Sector Commander)
DvL (Division Leader)
EpU (Elite Protection Unit)
OfC (Department Officer)
01-05 (Metropolice Force Ground Units)
RCT (Recruit)

Metropolice Force Squads
Dash (Dash is good for breaking into rooms or buildings.)
Ghost (Ghost can be good for stealth missions.)
Grid (Grid does mostly patrolling, usually they will just patrol a checkpoint or just patrolling the plaza.)
Jury (Jury handles amputations, jailing, etc.)
Victor (Victor is good for breaking up fights, if a recruit is having problems with a citizen he can call in the Victor.)

10- Codes
10-00 (Officer down, all units are needed.)
10-4 (You understand, your coming to location needed.)
10-6 (You are to busy to come to needed location.)
10-7 (Offline, or out of service.)
10-8 (Online, or back in service.)
10-9 (Repeat, didn't copy.)
10-10 (Fight in progress, needed.)
10-11 (Animal problem, needed.)
10-12 (Stand by.)
10-14 (Suspicion person, needed.)
10-15 (Being assigned. Example: "GRID, 10-15, D2.")
10-17 (Responding to request.)
10-18 (Complete ASAP.)
10-19 (Ripcord, return to told spot.)
10-20 (What is your location.)
10-22 (Disregard, ignore request.)
10-23 (You have arrived on seen.)
10-24 (Emergency backup is needed.)
10-26 (Detaining suspect.)
10-27 (Requesting data check.)
10-31 (Violation is in progress, needed.)
10-32 (Highly dangerous person, needed.)
10-33 (Emergency, all units hold.)
10-34 (Riot.)
10-35 (Major violation alert.)
10-39 (Investigate suspicious Person.)
10-44 (Permission to leave patrol.)
10-50 (Going to/patrol area.)
10-52 (Medical assistance needed.)
10-57 (Hit and run.)
10-59 (Escort or Convoy.)
10-60 (Unit in vicinity needed.)
10-65 (Prepare to copy.)
10-76 (En route.)
10-78 (Need assistance.)
10-84 (Advise ETA.)
10-85 (Arrival delay set to __.)
10-91 (Pickup Subject/Suspect, needed.)
10-92 (Subject in custody.)
10-96 (Mental patient, needed.)
10-97 (Arrived on scene.)
10-98 (Assignment done.)
10-99 (Under attack/officer wounded, officer needs assistance, needed.)
10-102 (Dead on arrival, needed.)
10-103 (Possible needed assistance.)
10-104 (Suicide.)
10-107 (High priority Anti-Citizen, needed.)
10-108 (Dead unit found, needed.)


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