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Post  5ym5 on 2011-10-23, 12:07 am

C-ID: 82830 Name: Kralic Valten
Before all of this started happening he grew up in a medium sized town, his family was middle class and he went to a public school. He always got bullied in school but he pulled through and carried on.

At the age of 15 he worked at a small sushi restaurant washing dishes. where he fell in love with a waitress and they started dating and he felt like he was on top of the world with a good job and a girlfriend... Then the worst came

When he turned 19 the combine started taking over and he went into hiding with his family, the combine eventually found them and brought him to city 18 and they took his parents away and his love to another city.

Once he turned 21 he went out and a man assaulted him he was able to get away and tell a local MPF officer and they took care of it. Kralic was awarded a loyalist armband and a request device he then helped the combine whenever he could, the other civilians bullied him just like in school, Since now he was a loyalist nobody liked him so his goal has been to become an MPF officer... A Ghost

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