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Post  5ym5 on 2011-10-22, 11:41 pm

Hello I am 5ym5, you may know me as Kralic. I am a newer dedicated member on RaRG and am online quite often and intend to stay that way. I live in Canada, and before you ask... No... No I do not have a pet polar bear and I do not live in an igloo.
I enjoy Rock music, rap (Eminem) and some techno (Deadmau5). I enjoy long walks on the be- Wait scratch that I enjoy Video games and paintball.
Ive been playing Gmod for quite a long time I really enjoyed dark rp but I wanted a more serious role-playing environment so I found HL2RP and I have loved it ever since. If you have any questions or anything talk to me through steam or comment on this, See you around the server!

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