[APPROVED] 5ym5's MPF Application

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[APPROVED] 5ym5's MPF Application Empty [APPROVED] 5ym5's MPF Application

Post  5ym5 on 2011-10-22, 11:28 pm

--Steam Information
Steam Name: 5ym5
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:24163964
Steam Profile (URL): http : // steamcommunity . com / id / 5ym5

What can you do to help the MPF?: I would help by being a stealthy unit good with recon missions and eavsdropping
Tell us about your player (Background Story.): My character was an average person who after the 7-hour war was dropped into City 18 and started to help the combine, he then became a loyalist to the combine and his goal has been to become an MPF because he is tired of being pushed around by rebellious citizens

Answer some questions to see if your MPF material.
Your in a shop and the shop is currently being robbed. You are in the corner unseen, there is a pistol on a dead body of one of the resistance. You also have a request device on you ready and active. What would you do to handle the situation.: I would call for the MPF to help me, and keep the pistol close to me without touching it and watch while staying hidden and grab any money out of the register that I can then when the MPF show up give them the contraband and explain the situation
You are currently a recruit, and your in an ally way being forced to bring the 2 citizens into the nexus. How do you handle the situation? They both have pistols to your head, requesting to be brought to the nexus to the top level to the civil administrator.: The nexus has a lot of combine in it so once the citizens bring me in they would be attacked by the other combine in the nexus and if they held me hostage the combine would shoot right through me because the higher ranking ones are heartless and do not care about anyone.
A citizen has been looking at you a lot, he isn't breaking any laws or anything. He seems to walk into the civil workers union shop then back out. He sits on the other side of the plaza and continues to look at you. After maybe 10 minutes of you sitting at your post, he is still looking at you. What will you do? Approach the man, say "apply" then tie him and search him. If he is clean then I tell him to move along, but if he has contraband confiscate it, then take him to the prison.

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