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Post  James on 2011-10-12, 7:16 pm

These are the server rules for Half-life 2 Roleplay (

General Rules
1. Do not punch whore. If you are going to punch another character you need to use "/me punches <so and so>." Remember if you still punch someone with a /me, it is still punch whoring if you don't have a good reason. 24 hour ban.
2. Do not jump on other peoples heads. When you jump on someones heads, it's like your standing on someones head in real life, it's not realistic. 12 hour ban.
3. Do not randomly fall over. Falling over should be used only for if you got knocked out or you tripped. If you go onto a ledge and say, whoops I slipped, then fall over that's not a good reason. 12 hour ban.
4. Do not go around randomly killing people. This is called RDM and it is a very banable offence. It makes roleplaying for other people less fun. 72 hour ban.
5. Do not go running/jumping/crouching around. This gamemode is based off of the half-life universe, in half-life people aren't running around. 24 hour ban.
6. Do not pester people about them giving you tokens. Feel free to ask one person for some tokens, but do not go to 20 different people and ask for 50 tokens. 48 hour ban.
7. Do not try to enter the nexus. The nexus in reality is full of combine, do not try to get in, really your to scared to go in. 24 hour ban.
8. Do not spam OOC chat. You can use OOC for talking to characters, but spamming things like smiles and all that is bad. 12 hour ban.
9. Do not return to the spot you recently died. This is considered NLR which stands for the new life rule. New life rule is when you die, and you start a new life. You might keep your inventory, but you can't remember how you died, where you died, all of that stuff. After you've died do not return to the spot you last died either. 48 hour ban.
10. Do not meta-game. Meta-gaming is when you use information gathered out of character and you use it in character. An example is someone says they are selling guns in [OOC] chat, then someone shows up to the location told, that is meta-gaming. 24 hour ban.
11. Do not disrespect other players, this community is user friendly so do not flame others. 12 hour ban.
12. Do not disrespect the staff, disrespecting our staff says you don't care for the server. 48 hour ban.
13. Do not minge grab. This is when you just grab an item, some other player has bought or dropped. When someone says you minge grabbed, the logs will be checked. We will look for what character bought the item, who dropped it, and then who picked it up. 48 hour ban.
14. Do not power game, this is when you try to boost your attributes by doing things like running in circles. 48 hour ban.
15. Use common sense, do not minge, do not fail roleplay, follow the rules. 12 hour ban to 72 hour ban.

Flag Rules
16. "V" flags. You have access to heavy black market goods. Do not go around spawning guns and stuff for everyone. 24 hour ban + flag strip.
17. "c" flags. You have access to spawn chairs. Do not put chairs all over, only spawn chairs for your apartment room. Do not put chairs out in the middle of the plaza or anything. 12 hour ban + flag strip.
18. "pet" flags. These flags allow you to spawn props, have a tool gun, and have a physgun. Do not abuse these powers. Do not move other peoples props, or other static props around the map. 48 hour ban + flag strip.
19. "m" flags. You have ability to buy resistance manager goods. Do not go around spamming the goods and buying goods and giving them to a bunch of people. 24 hour ban + flag strip.
20. "v" flags. You can spawn light black market goods. Do not spam the goods and give them out to a bunch of people. 24 hour ban + flag strip.

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